In January, the city business of exit inspection & quarantine declined for the 1st time in recent years

Influenced by the constant spreading and impact of the international financial crisis and other factors, in January this year, the exit inspection & quarantine business of Longyan CIQ declined for the first time in recent years, there were total 285 batches of commodities valued 10.52 million US dollars, decreased by 51.69% and 32.35% respectively over last year. 
This year, the impact of the global financial crisis continues to spread to the real economy in all countries, and the growth speed of the national economy in United States, European Union and other developed economies continued to slow down, the consumption standard dropped, and the imports were shrunk. In January the goods of our city that exported to America and Europe accounted about 59.56% of the total export value. It is the export slowdown to these countries and regions that caused the slump of our business in exit inspection & quarantine. Take garment industry for example. It is one of the main exported products in our city, although recently the policies that can stimulate the export of textile and clothing have been issued by our country and to some extent has relieved the enterprise cost pressure, the situation these companied faced with has been changed from cost pressure to the contraction of the market. In the general trend that the national textile and garment industry are in slowdown condition, the batch and value of the clothing export in this month were both declined. The cane, bamboo and wood products are the other main traditional products in our city. As the crisis greatly decreased the market purchasing power in the USA and other European countries, with the downturn and turmoil of the property market, building and decoration industry, wood products market has stepped into weakness and recession, which has directly impacted the export of these products in our city. With the contraction of the international trade and the increasingly fierce market competition, the threat of the global trade protectionism increased, and many countries have additionally set technical barriers on China's exports of goods, which has impacted the enterprise exports to a certain extent. For example, after the melamine incident, France, our main client country, urged to add the melamine testing item on our exported silica (for industrial use). In addition, RMB appreciation, rising cost of raw materials and labor cost, and other factors restricted the further increase of our city’s exports. Also, as for the Spring Festival holiday, the reducing of the actual working days has become one of the elements that influenced the inspection & quarantine business.
Currently, the financial crisis has brought centralized and negative influence to the real economy in our city. For example, last year the export batch of our products for fresh troops such as fitness equipment and DVD players increased by 515.9% and 446.1% with the value of 321.1% and 571.1% respectively, while in the first month of this year, both sharply declined, what’s more, the export of DVD players was even dropped to zero set, even the mechanical and electrical products with fastest increase last year have encountered obvious drop in the rate of increase. All made those companies lost their customers and orders, and the export of our city was in increasingly perilous situation. Facing with such situation, Longyan CIQ established 22 measurements to greatly help these companies overcome the difficulties, fully apply the diminishing free or free policy for the export of agricultural, textile and garment products, conduct “one-to-one” help for the key and troubled enterprises, relieve the burden on the companies, and do everything possible to promote them for export expansion. Meanwhile, it aims to actively guide the enterprises for close attention to the foreign technology laws and regulations and standard dynamics, and enhance their capacity for response to the market changes; keep up with the international mainstream consumption markets, optimize the export structure of the products, establish self-owned brand, speed up the transformation and upgrading of the companies; decrease the degree of dependency on European, American and other traditional markets, positively open up the emerging markets, gradually spread the export focus to other countries and regions with less technology barrier, and disperse the trade risks. 

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